Direct Deposit 
Direct deposit is a safe and convenient way to have your payroll check deposited into your checking or savings account.  It is the no hassle way to receive your money faster.  With direct deposit, your employer transfers money directly into your account on an agreed upon date.  You do not have to find the time to take your check to the bank or wait for your check to arrive in the mail.  Some advantages that direct deposit offers over paper checks are:   

  • Security:  You do not have to worry about lost or stolen checks.
  • Flexibility:  It is easy to change accounts where your money is deposited.  Just fill out a simple form and provide your request in writing.
  • Convenience:  It allows you to be on vacation or away on business and still have your check deposited while you are gone.  No more quick trips to the bank.
    Ask your employer about signing up today! 
    Telephone Banking 
    With Litchfield National Bank’s AnyTime Access telephone banking service, your account information is just a phone call away, 24-hours a day!  You may access your account(s) by phone using your social security number or tax identification number and your security code (PIN) to: 
  • Transfer funds between checking accounts and savings accounts.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Check current balances.
  • Retrieve your most recent deposits.
  • Retrieve your most recent withdrawals.
  • Anytime Access #: 217-324-5588
    No enrollment is necessary and it is FREE. 
    Official Checks 
    Come into any of our locations and purchase an official check.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but official checks are only sold to existing customers. 
    Notary Service 
    If you need a document notarized, please come into any of our locations and one of our friendly notaries will assist you. 
    Wire Transfers 
    Please contact our Main Bank for this service. 
    Stop Payments 
    In the event you have lost a check or dispute a debit on your account, please call the Main Bank at 217.324.6161 for stop payment instructions. 
    Safe Deposit Boxes (Not FDIC Insured) 
    Feel confident knowing your valuable papers and irreplaceable items will be secure in a Litchfield National Bank safe deposit box.  The following sizes are available at our main bank: 
    Small:  3” x 5” x 21” 
    Medium:  5” x 5” x 21” 
    Large:  5” x 10” x 21” 
    Check Ordering 
    If you need to order checks, contact us or click on the following link. 
    United States Savings Bonds 
    Stop by any of our locations to redeem your U.S. Savings Bonds. 
    Night Depository 
    Take advantage of night depositories at all of our locations for those times when you cannot visit us during regular banking hours.  Remember to place the items in a labeled envelope or bank bag. 
    Bank by Mail 
    Yet another way to bank with us after hours is through the postal service.  LNB provides deposit envelopes free of charge to our customers, just complete and mail! 
    Automatic Payments 
    You may make loan payments or Christmas Club payments from an existing LNB account.  Contact the bank for additional details. 
    Automatic Transfers from Savings to Checking 
    Do you have trouble remembering to transfer money to savings regularly?  Let us help with an automatic transfer.  Contact the bank for additional details. 
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